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Friday, July 11, 2008

Podcast Addiction

It's bad enough that I subscribe to more RSS feeds than I can possibly read in a day, but I've also become addicted to podcasts...many are tech podcasts, but I listen to a wide variety...

From my current iTunes podcasts directory:

Andy Jordan's Tech Diary
Audible Ajax
The Bugle
The Christian Science Monitor - News
Digital Media Insider
The Flex Show (podcast and screencast)
FOO Casts
The French Pod Class
IT Conversations
L33t Tech News
Learning Rails (now a screencast)
.NET Rocks!
podcasts - Channel 9
Pragmatic Programmers
Radio Allegro
Rails Envy Podcast
Railscasts (screencast)
Ruby on Rails Podcast
The Thirsty Developer
This American Life
Wall Street Journal Tech News Briefings
Wall Street Journal on Small Business
Wall Street Journal's Your Money Matters
The Washington Institute Podcast
The Web 2.0 Show
Web Design TV

A few others:
French Vibes

And a couple of "top tech podcasts" links:
The top 40 tech podcasts - .net magazine
Top 10 Best Technology Podcasts

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